Helping providers take the guesswork out of out-of-network claims reimbursement

When a patient comes to your organization for out-of-network care, you may not receive the financial reimbursement you typically count on and instead need to negotiate on a case-by-case basis or default to reference-based pricing.

Introducing ConfigureNet™, a provider network designed to help better address out-of-network claims, managed by Contigo Health, LLC, a consolidated subsidiary of Premier, Inc.

You have a constant drive for new patient volume and revenue opportunities. Set your organization’s growth in motion today when you join the ConfigureNet™ provider network for more predictable reimbursement. Our solution can help create new revenue streams and increase patient volumes.

When you join the ConfigureNet™ provider network, you agree to your reimbursement in advance of services being rendered. It takes the guesswork out of caring for out-of-network patients. And with a track record of low provider rate disputes, you can feel confident in being part of this provider network.

This powerful nationwide network serves the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

It’s a Win-Win

The cost and reimbursement issues related to providing out-of-network care can be an unexpected stress for providers, health plan administrators, and payors, as well as health plan members.

With the ConfigureNet™ provider network you can have a no-hassle way to positively impact your bottom line and your patients’ out-of-pocket costs when they access out-of-network care.

The ConfigureNet™ provider network is also the perfect antidote to surprise reference-based pricing, helping to improve your competitive position without compromising on reimbursement rates.

The advantages of the ConfigureNet™ provider network are:

– CONTROL: You’re not subject to surprise reference-based pricing.
– REIMBURSEMENT: You know your negotiated rates.
– EASE: One contract gives you access to multiple health plans, and the ConfigureNetTM provider network has a track record of low provider rate disputes.

The ConfigureNet™ provider network will bring nationwide access to health plan members with pre-negotiated contracts in place, including:

– Acute Care Hospitals
– Ancillary Facilities
– Chiropractors
– Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers
– Home Health Services
– Laboratories
– Mental Health Practitioners
– MRI Centers
– Physical Therapists
– Physicians
– Radiology Centers
– Surgery Centers
– Urgent Care Clinics
– …and more coming

Steps to Join

Putting your health system on the path to a more prosperous tomorrow is as easy as one, two, three.

1. Request network participation. Click here to fill out our form and apply to join the ConfigureNet™ provider network.

2. Our network team will review an agreement with you and finalize your contracted rate.

3. After rates and terms agreement, the contract will be executed.

State-Law-Specific Provisions

Network providers are required to comply with state and federal laws, national accreditation standards, and geographic exceptions.

If required by your state, certain provisions are included in your contract. Periodically, we make updates to these provisions to reflect changes in state law. Please select your state below to see the applicable provisions:


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