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Bring your clients clinical and financial value with Contigo Health.

As a benefits advisor, you want to help your clients be on the leading edge of healthcare solutions. It’s a mission we share. Because we strive daily to be the architects of a new ecosystem that can promote better healthcare for all. So whether you’re looking to revamp the entire approach to your clients’ employee benefits plan or just looking to contain costs, we’re here to help.

ConfigureNet Out-of-Network Wrap™

Meet our ConfigureNet Out-of-Network Wrap, which includes pre-negotiated, discounted contracts with over 900,000 providers and 4.1 million U.S. locations coast-to-coast and beyond.

Learn how your clients can leverage the Contigo Health network solution.

Learn more about our Centers of Excellence 360 Program

We’re transforming centers of excellence into Contigo Health Centers of Excellence 360™ to provide cost savings and high-quality care to all.

Our Centers of Excellence 360 Substance Use Disorder Program is designed to wrap its arms around the individual, surrounding them with a team dedicated to their particular health needs.

Our Centers of Excellence 360 Orthopedics Program takes a new look at better treatments for better outcomes.

Our Centers of Excellence 360 Cancer Program seeks to give every person battling this disease their best chance.

We’re transforming centers of excellence into Contigo Health Centers of Excellence 360™ to provide cost savings and high-quality care to all.

Optimize your health system clients’ employee health benefits and better control costs.

Healthcare coverage is one of the most important competitive benefits health systems offer to their employees and prospective new hires. They need a plan that is there for their employees and their families when they need quality care. And Contigo Health Sync Health Plan TPA™ is a smart solution to help your health system clients manage care and costs for their own employee health plan or for their payvider offering. Download the Health Plan Administration for health systems sell sheet here.

Our Contigo Health Payvider Activation™ solution allows health systems to build and grow their own program with confidence while minimizing risk.

Introducing Catavert™ stop-loss

Introducing Catavert™ stop-loss. Catavert, LLC, and Contigo Health, LLC, are both part of Contigo Health Holdings, LLC. Catavert was born out of the healthcare industry and offers stop-loss products to help protect your health system’s own employee health plan and your payvider offering against catastrophic financial loss resulting from extraordinary healthcare claims. This empowers all to operate with confidence because Catavert was designed by health system experts and specifically tailored to health systems and their unique needs.

What Catavert Delivers:

  1. Market-leading rates.
  2. Protection for your self-insured health system.
  3. Flexible coverage options, contracting terms, and discounts.

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