We’re not just health specialists, we’re health system specialists.

We’re dedicated to our health system clients. In fact, 70% of our TPA clients are health systems.

A health system’s first mission is to keep people happy and healthy. This goal is why employers and health systems need to work collaboratively to deliver the quality care and experience that plan members want and need. That’s why we’re here. We’ll help you find new opportunities to grow, improve domestic utilization, and achieve margin enhancement.

Our continuum of solutions can help you:

  • Grow through new opportunities with key local employers, increased domestic utilization among your own employees, and participation in our Contigo Health Centers of Excellence 360™ program.
  • Manage your health system’s employee health benefits plan expertly to help you meet your distinct plan goals.
  • Save and control costs with your own employees and make your provider-sponsored health plan more competitive.

Join us as we change the face of healthcare.

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