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Clinically Led Contigo Health® Network

Healthcare has never been more turbulent. When you join the Contigo Health® Network, you’re locking arms with leading healthcare systems who don’t just see healthcare changing, they’re guiding it to a better place.

Forge new win-win partnerships
Optimize healthcare delivery
Reach more patients
Stand out among your peers

Let’s go find a better way

Membership in the clinically led Contigo Health Network is a true win-win for health systems and employers. Joining our network can help improve access to quality care for your local community—and beyond. It also provides health systems the ability to sell and participate in a wide range of employer-focused products, helping your overall bottom line today and into the future.

It’s better when we’re together

We help health systems expand their offerings and collaborate with self-funded employers to do more for associates and patients.

Network membership includes:

Network configuration including a network profile, onboarding plan and project scope.

Co-business development services including national, regional and sales support.

Platform services for each employer engagement, including clinical workflow configuration for each employer, network configuration, employer reporting and customer service.

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