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Contigo Health Solutions For Health Systems

Whether you’re looking to enhance your health system’s employee benefit plan or pursue new growth opportunities for your organization, Contigo Health, LLC, is there.

Through Contigo Health’s continuum of solutions, we can help you:

Grow through partnerships with key local employers.

Manage your health system’s employee health benefits plan expertly to help you meet distinct plan goals.

Maximize the effectiveness of your existing relationships, or introduce new product solutions and partners to elevate clinical quality and cost control. Contigo Health will meet you where you are.

Whatever your goals … we have solutions.

Growth Goals:

Developed to give you all of the out-of-network provider access your health plan members need, at a lower cost.*

Distinct Advantages:

  • Broad geographic coverage spanning all 50 states (+ Puerto Rico), including contracts with over 900,000 providers across 4.1 million U.S. locations
  • Savings that can be realized right away
  • An easy transition from your current solution
  • Can plug and play seamlessly with little change to your existing benefits program
  • Technology that can help ensure a rapid and seamless process for health plans and providers
  • Opportunity to help improve cost effectiveness of your employer-sponsored health plan
  • Strong competitive positioning when partnering with area employers through your provider-sponsored health plan


  • The ability to plug and play seamlessly with little change to your existing benefits program
  • Technology that will help ensure a rapid and seamless process for health plans and providers

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Benefit Plan Goals:

Maximize health benefits plan value to health system employees and the organization with Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration (TPA). This uniquely flexible health plan administration product tailors employee benefits management to the unique needs of health systems. Start your own provider-sponsored health plan (PSHP) with Contigo Health Sync Health Plan BPO™. This comprehensive white-label offering provides the essential people, process, and technology to help you pursue new revenue streams and drive patient volumes.

Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration

Distinct Advantages:

  • Flexible options in benefit design, data integration, and network coverage
  • Integrates tailored care management programs, including case, disease, and maternity management
  • Designed to help maximize domestic utilization rates
  • Integrates with existing population health management programs
  • Reporting tools help analyze plan performance for improvement
  • Strong employee satisfaction


  • Contigo Health™ products can work with your current ancillary benefit partners
  • Integrates with the Contigo Health Network to grow local employer business

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Growth Goals:

Designed to give you the process, technology, and people your health system needs to start and grow your own provider sponsored health plan business.

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Distinct Advantages:

  • Configurable, turnkey, white-label services (your brand, our support)
  • Extensive capabilities, including Plan Operations, Provider & Network Management, Business Development Services, Health Plan Administration Services, Member Engagement, Population Health Management, Client Management Services, and Data & Analytics
  • Support from a team with 25+ years of experience serving health systems
  • A growing network with national coverage to serve employers with multiple U.S. locations
  • Access to industry-leading partners, including Teladoc Health* for virtual medicine and disease management and Heuro* for wellbeing and continuity of care
  • Contigo Health Analytics, powered by PINC AI™, pairs claims data and clinical insights for informed decision-making


  • A flexible, custom-tiered solution: multiple service levels and modular implementation
  • Build for your own health system employees, or offer as a product to other employers
Teladoc and Livongo are registered trademarks of Teladoc Health.
Heuro is a registered trademark of Heuro, LLC.
*Scope is dependent on selected product configuration. Subject to Teladoc Health or Heuro Health contract and provider availability. Teladoc Health and Heuro Health are independent service providers. Additional terms and conditions apply.
PINC AI is a registered trademark of Premier Inc.

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Together or individually, Contigo Health™ products help you gain more control of the healthcare ecosystem, and achieve the clinical and economic goals you’ve set.

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