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Product Overview

Health Care Administrators

Health Plan Administration

Contigo Health Solutions For Health Systems

Whether you’re looking to enhance your health system’s employee benefit plan or pursue new growth opportunities for your organization, Contigo Health, LLC, is there.

Through Contigo Health’s continuum of solutions, we can help you:

Grow through partnerships with key local employers.

Optimize the quality of care and value delivered by your organization.

Manage your health system’s employee health benefits plan expertly to help you meet distinct plan goals.

Maximize the effectiveness of your existing relationships, or introduce new product solutions and partners to elevate clinical quality and cost control. Contigo Health will meet you where you are.

Whatever your goals … we have solutions.

Growth Goals:

Increase health system revenue and grow market share through new opportunities. Contigo Health® Network, an alliance of like-minded health systems, is committed to independently working with employers to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

Contigo Health Network

Distinct Advantages:

  • Collaborate with employers and improve how healthcare is delivered through their self-funded benefits plan
  • Reach more patients
  • Product includes network configuration, co-business development services, and platform services


  • Can be tailored to individual employer engagement
  • Leverages health system’s use of Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration™ (TPA) and Contigo Health® Clinical Advantage products with health system employees

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Healthcare Quality Goals:

Elevate quality of care while establishing more predictable pricing of health services with Contigo Health Clinical Advantage. Our healthcare quality management product helps health systems establish optimal care and consistent value.

Contigo Health Clinical Advantage

Distinct Advantages:

  • Clinical workflow designed to help clinicians deliver guideline-driven, patient-appropriate care
  • Helps your clinicians drive use of valuable health programs already available to them through their existing health benefits plan
  • Minimal disruption to integrate
  • Helps associates get back to health, life, and work faster
  • Strengthens your existing health system benefits program
  • Presents growth opportunity when implemented for area employers


  • Works in harmony with existing health plan or TPA relationships

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Benefit Plan Goals:

Maximize health benefits plan value to health system employees and the organization with Contigo Health Sync Health Plan administration (TPA). This uniquely flexible health plan administration product tailors employee benefits management to the unique needs of health systems.

Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration

Distinct Advantages:

  • Flexible options in benefit design, data integration, and network coverage
  • Integrates tailored care management programs, including case, disease, and maternity management
  • Designed to help maximize domestic utilization rates
  • Integrates with existing population health management programs
  • Reporting tools help analyze plan performance for improvement
  • Strong employee satisfaction


  • Contigo Health™ products can work with your current ancillary benefit partners
  • Integrates with Contigo Health Clinical Advantage for a health system’s own workforce, and the Contigo Health Network to grow local employer business

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Together or individually, Contigo Health™ products help you gain more control of the healthcare ecosystem, and achieve the clinical and economic goals you’ve set.

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