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Contigo Health, LLC, continues to evolve into an even more powerful partner for you and your clients.

More than ever, Contigo Health is worth a closer look.

Contigo Health delivers comprehensive services to optimize employee health benefits. And now, we’re introducing a strategically aligned suite of health plan benefits even better and more capable through our robust, national out-of-network wrap.

We are now a network company that can:

  • Help you put more value, control, and options in your clients’ hands
  • Enable you to bring deeply discounted pre-negotiated rates for out-of-network wrap network to your clients
  • Provide a broad solution — a network spanning all 50 U.S. states, plus Puerto Rico
  • Create new savings and growth opportunities for you and your clients

Leverage the power of ConfigureNet™ Out-of-Network Wrap

The cost of going out of network for care can be an unexpected shock for your clients and their health plan's members. In fact, 46 percent of HR decision makers are neutral to extremely dissatisfied with the cost of out-of-network wrap solutions.1 Now, with the introduction of Contigo Health ConfigureNet™ Out of Network Wrap, you can leverage the power of market-leading contracted rates with a robust network of more than 900,000 providers across 4.1 million U.S. locations. It’s the out-of-network wrap and repricing solution designed to reduce medical claims costs without compromising access to care.


With ConfigureNet, saving money on your health plan’s out-of-network medical claims can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

ConfigureNet was created to be a distinctly better solution

Designed for self-insured employer-sponsored health plans, ConfigureNet’s pre-negotiated provider contracts, broad network scope, and frictionless integration set it apart.

ConfigureNet could:

  • Enable you to put more value, control, and options in your clients’ hands
  • Help you bring deeply discounted, pre-negotiated out-of-network wrap rates to your clients
  • Provide a robust out-of-network solution –ConfigureNet spans all 50 U.S. states and Puerto Rico
  • Create growth opportunities for you and your clients
  • Put Contigo Health’s experience and knowledge — trusted by top Fortune 100 employers — to work for you and your clients
  • Help further differentiate your business

View our extensive provider directory.

Members can call 1 800-966-8776 Option 4, and our highly trained concierge will help them select and book an appointment with a medical provider tailored to their needs.

The bottom line: If access to out-of-network care is on par or better, why leave money on the table?

ConfigureNet Out-of-Network Wrap is designed to be seamless and frictionless to integrate, with little or no change to your health benefits plan. See how Contigo Health ConfigureNet can save your health plan money on medical claims.

Discover how much your clients could save

Let us conduct a complimentary savings analysis for any of your clients to determine the possible value and real savings available to them through the ConfigureNet Out-of-Network Wrap solution. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Contigo Health will2:

  1. Analyze your client’s existing out-of-network claims data for the past year
  2. Provide you with the savings opportunity and a quote to take to your client
  3. Implement the agreement to help make the switch easy and frictionless

Talk to your Contigo Health representative or call 330-656-1072. You can also reach us at configurenet@contigohealth.com

View our exclusive Benefits Advisor webinar, “How to Win the Out-of-Network Claims Cost Battle: The tide-turning potential of Contigo Health ConfigureNet.

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ConfigureNet powers a range of health plan solutions

Levering the command of the ConfigureNet network, Contigo Health offers a complete portfolio of health plan products, including a formidable ECEN Passport™ Centers of Excellence offering, and our proven health plan administration products, Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration™ (TPA) and Contigo Health Sync Health Plan BPO™.

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Contigo Health partners with some of the nation’s top healthcare facilities and clinicians to provide health plan members access to high-quality specialty care and consultation available for orthopedic, bariatric, cardiac care, and oncology through its Centers of Excellence (COE) program.

In 2023, Contigo Health will be launching a brand-new Centers of Excellence offering, including Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and Orthopedics programs. The SUD program, available now, will help employers address the 1 in 12 working employees in America who have an untreated addiction3. And studies in the United States have shown that 10%–15% percent of Health Care Professionals will misuse substances during their lifetime4. This program includes access to virtual and in-person care while helping to coordinate care for other medical needs.

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A flexible health plan administration product tailoring employee benefits management to the unique needs of health system employee benefits plans to encourage increased domestic utilization and employee satisfaction.

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A turnkey, provider-sponsored health plan enablement solution developed specifically for health systems to help them create relationships with employers and grow volumes and revenue.

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