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Expanding Access to Quality Addiction Care

The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation—the nation's leading nonprofit system of addiction treatment, mental healthcare, recovery resources and related prevention and education services—is excited to announce a new collaboration with Contigo Health, LLC, a subsidiary of Premier, Inc.

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Let’s Change the Conversation Around Employment and Substance Use Disorders.

As a forerunner in the Centers of Excellence category, Contigo Health now brings to market our new Substance Use Disorder program, which surrounds and supports individuals seeking treatment.

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Steven Nelson of Contigo Health On 5 Things We Need To Do To Improve The US Healthcare System

What do we need to do to improve the US Healthcare System? Steven Nelson, president of Contigo Health, answered this question for Authority Magazine in a recent interview. Read all five changes he believes the healthcare industry needs to make.

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How to Win the Out-of-Network Claims Cost Battle: The tide-turning potential of Contigo Health ConfigureNet™

In this webinar, learn about how Contigo Health is leveraging the power of ConfigureNet™ with our out-of-network wrap, and a portfolio of benefits solutions.

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Why Employers Need a Mental Health Strategy

Join our panel of industry experts to learn about the increasing importance of mental health support initiatives for employers, signs of mental health issues, which strategies have proven to work, and what steps organizations can take to support the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.

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Premier, Inc.’s Subsidiary Contigo Health, LLC, Completes Asset Transaction for National Provider Contracts and Licenses to Cost Containment Technology copy

New assets will support Contigo Health’s continued growth by expanding its nationwide footprint and enhancing the value proposition for direct-to-employer offerings.

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Premier, Inc.’s Subsidiary Contigo Health, LLC, to Acquire Contracts With 900,000 Providers and Licenses to Cost Containment Technology

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (September 6, 2022) – Premier, Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC) subsidiary Contigo Health, LLC, a provider of comprehensive services that optimize employee health benefits, today announced an agreement to acquire key assets from TRPN Direct Pay, Inc. and Devon Health, Inc. (collectively, TRPN) for $177.5 million in cash. Acquired assets will include contracts with more than 900,000 providers across 4.1 million U.S. locations.

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The Importance of Healthcare Investing and Value-Based Care

Contigo Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan R. Slotkin, MD. recently shared his toughts on healthcare investing and the ongoing shift to value-based care with DocWire News.

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Q&A - Steven Nelson, President, Contigo Health

Steven Nelson, Contigo Health's President, talks with RamaOnHealthcare on how the employer benefits space has evolved and why direct to employer health insurance matters.

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Post-Crisis: What’s on Employers’ Minds as we Settle into a New Normal

We see a new normal on the horizon. We believe COVID-19 will eventually become endemic and gradually become something we learn to live with, like the seasonal flu. It’s far from an ideal situation, but one that will be easier to navigate as time goes on.

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Plug and Play Health - The Rise of the "Payvider"

Contigo Health's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan Slotkin, recently joined Plug and Play Health's webinar, "The Rise of the Payvider" as a panelist. Listen to their discussion on all things employer-purchased care and provider-sponsored health plans.

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How Health Systems Can Leverage Provider-Sponsored Health Plans to Strengthen Employer Partnerships and Control Healthcare Spend

In this webinar, hear from a panel of experts on the five steps to help guide providers on their way to implementing and/or sustaining this value-based approach.*

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Launch or Optimize Provide-Sponsored Health Plans to Deliver High-Quality Care While Containing Costs

In this webinar, hear from experts on the value and importance of health systems creating their own provider-sponsored health plans (PSHPs).*

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Real-world Learnings Behind Successful Provider-Sponsored Health Plans

Establishing new revenue streams and increasing patient volumes are at the forefront of many health systems’ growth strategies. Being able to offer their own provider-sponsored health plan (PSHP) can be one of the most effective ways for health systems to achieve both.

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It’s Time for Healthcare Data to Deliver More Value to Health System Benefits Leaders

Contigo Health has joined forces with parent company, Premier Inc., and their PINC AI™ platform to build an analytics offering that gives health system HR leaders a powerful new view into their data.

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Contigo Health Partners with Cancer Expert Now to Offer Expert Medical Opinion (EMO) Services

MORRISTOWN, NJ December 16, 2021 - Cancer Expert Now (CEN) is thrilled to collaborate with Contigo Health, LLC, bringing the knowledge and expertise of many of the world’s leading cancer physicians into the comfort of members’ living rooms.

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Spotlight Interview: Heather Ridenoure, Senior Director Product, Contigo Health

Contigo Health's, Heather Ridenoure, was recently featured in Medical Travel & Digital Health News! Read about her take on the trajectory of our ECEN Passport product and how this Centers of Excellence solution "gives members access to appropriate, patient-centered, and equitable care."

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Premier Inc.'s Contigo Health Expands Provider-Sponsored Health Plan Offerings Through New Partnership with OhioHealthy

Agreement for Third-Party Administrator Work Will Add 43,000 Health Plan Members to Contigo Health’s BPO Platform

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Learn How Health System Employers Can Collaborate with TPAs to Optimize Benefits, Improve Outcomes, and Control Health Care Spend

Health system employers can efficiently partner with TPAs to integrate and analyze clinical and claims data to modify plan design, tailor interventions, and enhance provider quality based on insights from real-time data.*

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Contigo Health working with Heuro to Offer the Next Generation of Improved Member Engagement and Continuity of Care

Connecting Brick-and-Mortar Physicians to Patients and Providers Through Heuro’s New-to-Market Bi-Directional Communication System

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Moving From Transactional Patient Encounters to Human-Centered Relationships

Hear more from Contigo Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan R. Slotkin, MD. who recently sat down with Twilio’s Global Head of Healthcare Services, Susan Collins.

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How New Direct-to-Provider Models Use Data to Help Elevate Quality and Manage Costs

More innovative employers are realizing that directly contracting with health systems can reap long-term rewards for high quality, value-based care.

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Webinar tps partnerships

How Health System Employers Make the Leap to TPA Partnerships That Can Help Transform Health Benefits, Optimize Quality, and Bend the Cost Curve

If you’ve ever wondered how third-party administration (TPA) could support your employee health benefits objectives, or simply want to know how to make the transition, watch now.*

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Contigo Health® and Employer Direct Healthcare’s SurgeryPlus® to Offer Broader Access to Industry-Leading Center of Excellence (COE) Programs

Contigo Health, through collaboration with Employer Direct Healthcare, will be offering the broadest COE network with over 450 contracted facilities, increasing choice and accessibility for our clients’ health plan members.

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The U.S. Healthcare System is Significantly Challenged Right Now By a Number of Factors

Hear more from Contigo Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jonathan R. Slotkin, MD.

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Elevating TPA Partnership Expectations for Self-Funded Health Systems

Health systems with self-funded benefits plans are improving care and associate satisfaction by engaging a specialty TPA.

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Optimizing Value in Employer-Sponsored Healthcare

Employers are transitioning into new care delivery models and designing benefits around their associates.

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Webinar accountability predictability

Accountability and Predictability

In this webinar, hear a variety of perspectives in the area of direct contracting and COEs to help you realize how this model can lead to improved accountability and predictability of your organization’s healthcare spend.*

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Making Excellence the Expectation: The True Definition of Centers of Excellence

Employers are providing access to top quality care and boosting satisfaction via destination centers of excellence.

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Webinar drive high value quality care

Employer Direct Contracting Strategies with Clinical Centers of Excellence (COEs)

Ideas to Drive High-Value, High-Quality, and Appropriate Care for Your Workforce.*

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*Courtesy of World Congress

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