How Health System Employers Make the Leap to TPA Partnerships That Help Transform Health Benefits, Optimize Quality, and Bend the Cost Curve

Publication: The Healthcare Innovation Company (thINc)

March 29, 2021

Amidst the many challenges faced by health systems today, the cost of health care for their own employees continues to loom large. Many health system employers are seeking greater flexibility, transparency, increased domestic utilization, and better clinical and financial outcomes when it comes to caring for their own workforce. If you’ve ever wondered how third-party administration (TPA) could support your employee health benefits objectives, or simply want to know how to make the transition, join the conversation. In this panel discussion, hear how HR and benefits teams can make the leap and develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a TPA. Gain insight into benefit designs tailored to maximize value and align with specific employee needs, all without compromising the quality of care and find answers to the following questions and more.

  • How do you as a health system know if your organization is ready to transition to a TPA plan?
  • What’s involved with a transition to a TPA?
  • How can you operationalize employer-TPA relationships?
  • How can direct contracting arrangements reduce unnecessary spend, maximize savings, and improve outcomes?
  • How can you adopt a data-centric strategy to make informed decisions about your workforce and deliver quality care?
  • How can you increase engagement with the ancillary benefits you already offer your workforce?
  • What kind of customization is available to effectively work within your own clinically integrated network, ACOs, and PBMs?
  • What conversations should you be having with your leadership?

*Courtesy of The Healthcare Innovation Company (thINc)