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Contigo Health For Health Systems

A health system’s mission is to keep people happy and healthy. This goal is why employers and health systems need to work closely to deliver the quality care and experience that associates want and need. That’s why Contigo Health, LLC, is here. We bring together employers and health systems with the goal of providing the highest level of care and benefits possible. Join us and help change healthcare for good.

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"We have had a great experience with Contigo. I wish all of our vendors were as easy to work with and as responsive."
- TPA Client
"The representatives are truly amazing."
- TPA Client

Are you gaining as much system growth as you could be? Are you getting your money’s worth from your self-funded health benefit plan investment?

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Are you seeking new opportunities to develop relationships with key area employers?

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How much of a priority is growing revenue and expanding opportunities for your health system?

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Are you striving for innovative ways to improve quality of care for all patients?

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Are you interested in improving the quality and utilization of benefits for your own employees?

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Are you interested in clinical decision support products that could significantly improve quality and consistency of care?

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