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Contigo Health For Health Systems

A health system’s mission is to keep people happy and healthy. This goal is why employers and health systems need to work closely to deliver the quality care and experience that associates want and need. That’s why Contigo Health, LLC, is here. We bring together employers and health systems with the goal of providing the highest level of care and benefits possible. Join us and help change healthcare for good.

Contigo Health is dedicated to the success of health systems. We see an opportunity to unleash the next generation of health plan services and network capabilities that take care of your health system employees and open new doors to direct relationships with employer partners.

Introducing an integrated, portfolio-based approach designed to optimize employee health benefits. Our classic Sync Health Plan Administration™ (TPA) services and nationally renowned Centers of Excellence, have now come together into a full suite of turn-key, health plan benefit offerings with the addition of our asset acquisition that provided contracts with 900,000 U.S. providers across 4.1 million locations.

Named, Contigo Health® ConfigureNet™, this flexible solution offers your organization three options for margin enhancement:

  1. Administer your health system’s employee health benefits (TPA)
  2. Develop your organization’s provider-sponsored health plan
  3. Replace your existing out-of-network wrap for your employee benefits plan or provider-
    sponsored health plan

    In fact, we’ve already seen savings with our Out-of-Network Wrap offering.

All of this coupled with our team members who possess the knowledge and track record to help you create revenue, cost savings, and enhanced margins, we truly are a turn-key solution. Sometimes opportunity is right in front of us. Let’s Go.

What people are saying

"We have had a great experience with Contigo. I wish all of our vendors were as easy to work with and as responsive."
- TPA Client
"The representatives are truly amazing."
- TPA Client

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