Substance Use Disorder in the Workplace: Designing New Treatment Programs on Your Employees’ Terms

Substance use among Americans has increased 30% overall since the start of the pandemic, according to a national survey in 2021. Listen to our recent webinar featuring Heather Hale Ridenoure, COE Segment Leader, Contigo Health, Ashley Loeb Blassingame, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer, Lionrock Recovery, Britt Hayes, Chief Commercial Officer, Contigo Health, and Trey Field, Patient and Advocate, Lionrock Recovery.

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Thinking Outside the Out-of-Network Box: New Options for Benefits Advisors

Your health system clients and their health plan members may be in for an unanticipated cost shock if they need out-of-network care. How do you determine which of your clients would benefit from an out-of-network wrap solution and protection from balance billing? Listen to our webinar to find out now.

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Transforming Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment to Benefit Employer-Sponsored Health Plan Members and Employers

Listen to our webinar to hear experts discuss the costs of substance use disorders beyond the human toll on your valued employees and their loved ones, including job absenteeism and employee backfill recruitment. Learn about the issue, the costs, and innovative approaches to treating health plan members on their terms.

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