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Contigo Health Employer Solutions

Whether you’re looking to revamp the entire approach to your company’s employee benefits plan or just want to enhance what you’re already doing, Contigo Health, LLC, is there for you.

From a single solution to a more comprehensive approach, we offer a range of products to help you create the greatest value for your associates … and your business.

    • Optimize your self-funded employee benefits plan by addressing the things that matter most, like maintaining a healthier population, maximizing value, controlling costs, and getting associates back to health, life, and work faster.
    • Connect directly with health systems, providing your plan members access to high-quality, patient-appropriate care.
    • Save on out-of-network medical claims costs without compromising access to care anywhere your health plan members are in the U.S.

Whatever your goals … we have solutions.

Cost Containment Goals:

Maximize medical claims cost savings without compromising access to care. Our market-leading pricing can deliver lower claims cost on all the out-of-network provider access your health plan members need.*

Distinct Advantages:

  • Opportunity to help improve cost effectiveness of your employer-sponsored health plan
  • Greater up-front savings—pre-negotiated contracted rates with nearly one million healthcare providers plus access to proprietary cost-containment technology for savings of 15% or more
  • Broad geographic coverage—contracts with over 900,000 providers across 4.1 million U.S. locations spanning all 50 states and Puerto Rico
  • Savings that can be realized right away—no additional handling required and no unnecessary additional fees
  • Contractual protection from surprise balance billing
  • An easy transition from your current solution


  • Can be configured to meet the needs of your health plan
  • The ability to plug and play seamlessly with little change to your existing benefits program
  • Technology that can help ensure a rapid and seamless process

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Specialty Care Goals:

Enable plan members to access the most qualified specialty care in the nation when they need it (without breaking the bank). Contigo Health ECEN Passport™ (COE) is an industry-leading COE network comprised of some of the country’s top-rated health systems and specialists.

Contigo Health ECEN Passport

Distinct Advantages:

  • Enables access to top clinical experts in the U.S.
  • Access to top-level specialized spine, joint, bariatric, oncology, and cardiac expertise
  • High-touch experience
  • Bundled pricing


  • Can integrate with current ancillary partners and offers communication strategies tailored to resonate specifically with your employees

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Benefit Plan Goals:

Maximize benefits plan value to associates and the organization. Our Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration™ (TPA) is a uniquely flexible benefits plan administration product tailoring benefits management to the needs of plan members and employers.

Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration

Distinct Advantages:

  • Product provides flexible options in benefit design, data integration, and network coverage
  • Integrates tailored care management programs, including case, disease, and maternity management
  • Integrates with existing population health management programs
  • Reporting tools help you analyze plan performance for improvement
  • Strong employee satisfaction


  • Contigo Health™ products can integrate with your current partners
  • Has true flexibility to be tailored to your unique needs and goals

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Together or individually, Contigo Health™ products help you gain more control of healthcare challenges, achieve the clinical and economic goals you’ve set, and help you spend more time doing what you do best.

We help to simplify the rest.

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