Publication: Validation Institute

October 19, 2023

Many individuals who develop substance use disorders (SUD) are also diagnosed with a behavioral health disorder.1 In fact, more than one in four adults living with behavioral health problems also has a substance use problem.1

The two are so closely related, yet often treated separately with many employer benefits plans. In this webinar, learn from industry experts about the importance of a comprehensive, equitable, and quality-driven behavioral health benefits offering designed around a growing hybrid workforce – both deskless (37%)2 and remote/hybrid employees, which as of 2023 now make up 40.9% of the full-time workforce.3

In addition, this panel of industry leaders will cover:

  • How health plans and clinical service providers can better support these growing populations
  • How to address the stigma associated with behavioral health and SUD for non-office-based workers
  • Strategies to ensure prevention and early screening of behavioral health conditions
  • How offering dually licensed providers who specialize in both SUD issues and other behavioral health conditions can lead to more successful treatment solutions and outcomes
  • How to create a behavioral health benefits strategy that can support members’ individual needs and preferences, including in-person and virtual treatment
  • The importance of immediate and ongoing support that is discreet, inclusive, and affordable
  • How bundled rates can help with the affordability and predictability of behavioral healthcare
  • Bright spots in this space that our experts are seeing offering hope for those with substance use disorders



*Courtesy of Validation Institute

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As health systems look to provide high-quality benefits for their employees, the last thing they need are unexpected claim costs for out-of-network care. Rising costs, compounded with numerous fees charged by intermediaries, can create an unanticipated cost shock for self-funded health systems and their health plan members. Fortunately, the right out-of-network solution can significantly ease the financial hit and improve the bottom line. To help sort out the evolving landscape of out-of-network care, we invite you to participate in an informative webinar designed specifically for health systems. Our panel of top experts will be covering the following:

  • How health systems can benefit from an out-of-network wrap solution for their employee health plan and offer as a value add to their provider-sponsored health plan clients.
  • How to reap the potential savings on out-of-network utilization.
  • The advantages of a national network of pre-contracted providers in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico.
  • Simple-switch options designed to not disrupt current benefits from out-of-network providers.

*Courtesy of Validation Institute.

© 2024. Contigo Health, LLC. All rights reserved.