Introducing the Contigo Health® Centers of Excellence 360 program

Not just a better way to treat people, the right way to treat people.

Designed by Contigo Health, LLC to be a comprehensive journey that’s truly the next phase in making member care and experience even better, this centers of excellence (COE) program uniquely addresses the whole person. Unlike other programs, COE 360 offers health plan members a total experience. It is designed to ensure that all medical needs are managed, not just the specialty care members are receiving. This revolutionary program also gives the option of in-person or virtual care to help people lead a more normal life with less disruption. COE 360 is designed to deliver access to the best care by bringing together the most highly rated healthcare facilities, surgeons, and physicians in the country and leading-edge virtual providers that can meet a person or their loved ones where they are and make sure they get the help they need.

Extraordinary Care is Here.

You can register for the program on your 1/1/24 health plan effective date.


When a person is facing a cancer diagnosis, they’re going to have to make some of the most important decisions of their life. This cancer program gives members a powerful advocate in their corner, addressing both the medical and psychosocial impacts of cancer. Working in collaboration with a health plan member’s primary cancer care provider, the Contigo Health® Centers of Excellence 360 Cancer Program offers members confirmation about their diagnosis and treatment program. No matter where a member lives and works, they can have access to leading experts in the field from across the country through this virtual and in-person program. You can access this benefit for $0 out of pocket as part of your benefit plan. Deductibles may also apply for HSA plan members.


Finding relief from pain and getting back to a richer, fuller life quickly is always the goal of the Contigo Health® Centers of Excellence 360 Orthopedics Program. We help bring the right care to the individual at the right time, in a place that’s most optimum for them. This orthopedics program offers a thorough approach to individual care with nonsurgical options (such as physical therapy and nutrition), and surgical optimization (for surgery-ready patients), which can lead to improved outcomes. Regardless of treatment direction this program is tailored exclusively to the individual offering virtual services and in-person care options that are nothing short of highly respected. You can access this benefit for $0 out of pocket as part of your benefit plan. Deductibles may also apply for HSA plan members.

Heart Surgery

For members experiencing non-emergent complex heart issues, expert support from some of the world’s best cardiac surgeons is in reach. With this program, members can get:

  • Access to surgery for aneurysm, heart valve replacement/repair, coronary artery bypass, and other complex heart surgeries
  • Recommendations for alternative nonsurgical
  • Covered travel costs and lodging costs for members and a caregiver (when the member accesses in-person care)
  • Access to specialized clinical resources and education, including support from the member’s nurse care

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The content contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only and shall not be construed as tax or medical advice. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as a guarantee of benefits. You must maintain eligibility to have access to the program. Limited conditions may be excluded from the program. Terms and conditions apply. Per IRS guidelines, this benefit is subject to deductible for HSA members.