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Improving outcomes, lowering costs

— the best of both worlds.

Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration™

Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration

We all want to provide access to high quality care, but healthcare costs are skyrocketing. We’re flipping the script by helping to improve outcomes, enhance health plan member experiences, and lower costs.

We make it our mission to optimize your domestic utilization by tailoring plan design around your health system's specific services. Then we incorporate that strategy into our plan administration, while connecting to your health system's own programs.

How we do it:

Flexible Options

Giving you control in the areas of benefit design, data integration, and network coverage.

Possible Integration with ECEN™

Offering an industry-leading destination center of excellence network with some of the country’s top-rated health systems.

Tailored Programs

Customized care management programs, including case, disease, and maternity management.

Satisfaction and Security

Providing outstanding service as well as safeguarding medical information for your plan members.

Reporting Tools

So employers can see the performance of their health plan and identify areas for improvement.

Looking for innovative ways to grow your health system? Take your employee benefit plan further.

Sync Health Plan BPO™ is designed to give you all the components your health system needs to become a provider-sponsored health plan (PSHP). Under your brand, backed with Contigo Health support, our suite of configurable, turnkey, white-label services can help you create new revenue streams and drive patient volumes.

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Contigo Health Analytics, powered by PINC AI™

Many in the healthcare industry understand that with greater data and insight, benefits managers should have greater ability to take action. Today, we offer our TPA clients strong financial and operational insights. Contigo Health has joined forces with its parent company Premier and their new PINC AI™ technology and services platform to create the new Contigo Health Analytics. Benefits managers will have access to data and analytics offerings that will bring employer benefit plan claims data and clinical insights together to form a single solution. The combined data model will help health systems more effectively manage their own employee benefits plans and provider-sponsored health plans.

PINC AI is a registered trademark of Premier Inc.

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Contain costs for out-of-network care while providing nationwide access to providers.*

Contigo Health ConfigureNet™ now allows health system employer- and provider-sponsored health plans, to provide members with access to out-of-network care at pre-negotiated rates. With over 900,000 providers across 4.1 million U.S. locations, ConfigureNet offers cost savings and more flexibility to plan participants. The ConfigureNet experience—from claim analysis to proposal to implementation—all designed to be simple and frictionless.*Terms and conditions apply.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Enhance member engagement with additional partner solutions.

Contigo Health is working with Heuro* to offer the next generation of member engagement, wellbeing, and continuity of care to lower healthcare costs. Heuro works with your existing services to streamline delivery and support by providing:

  • Access to live health coaches, dieticians, nutritional coaches, and medical clinicians through the digital Heuro Health app.
  • Mental & Behavioral Health support
  • One member-facing hub for all existing point solutions
  • Access to financial balances such as HSA, FSA, etc.
  • Filling gaps in care with interconnected teams, tools, techniques, and technology
  • Care navigation educating and guiding members to where they need to be within the system
  • Risk stratification and actionable data to target improvements in outcomes
  • Bi-directional communication between virtual care teams and brick-and-mortar clinicians for seamless implementation of care
  • Wellness Content Library in-app, HeuroToolbox, which includes recipes, articles, podcasts, health tips, and perks
  • Courses & Programs for self-study lessons in-app through HeuroUniversity

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Teladoc and Livongo are registered trademarks of Teladoc Health.
Heuro is a registered trademark of Heuro, LLC.
*Scope is dependent on selected product configuration. Subject to Teladoc Health or Heuro Health contract and provider availability. Teladoc Health and Heuro Health are independent service providers. Additional terms and conditions apply.

Contigo Health is partnering with Teladoc Health* to give members access to:

  • 24/7 medical and mental healthcare access via call or video appointment
  • Chronic condition management for prediabetes, diabetes, and hypertension

In addition, Teladoc Health’s telehealth platform gives health systems the flexibility to improve domestic utilization through referrals to in-network providers and the ability to staff virtual visits with domestic clinicians.

See how Contigo Health is helping health systems optimize their employee health benefits.

Contigo Health Sync Health Plan Administration™ (TPA) Solutions

Our Health Plan Administration solutions help your associates choose care within your system for their healthcare needs, providing access to higher quality care for your associates and a stronger bottom line for your health system. Learn how:

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There’s a big difference between investing in healthcare and investing in access to the right care.

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Learn more about the benefits of third party administration (TPA)

Health Systems with self-funded benefits plans are improving care and associate satisfaction by engaging a specialty TPA. Read the white paper.

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