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According to the following experts, amazing advancements have been made in the world of telehealth and care delivery during the pandemic. Healthcare organizations have been able to bring healthcare to the underserved, patient engagement is at an all-time high and they have been able to quickly educate and communicate with the communities in which they serve. But there’s more work that needs to be done to help build upon this momentum.

Twilio’s Global Head of Healthcare Services, Susan Collins sat down with our own, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Johnathan Slotkin to discuss healthcare organizations and their relationships with the people they serve, leveraging communication channels we use every day to invest in those relationships and improve health outcomes.

During their discussion, Dr. Slokin stresses the important of having a solid, digital technology strategy – that it’s no longer a nice to have but need to have, the challenges some organizations may be facing and how to best implement for success.

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