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Quality care, manageable expenses

Health Plan Administrative Services (TPA)

Healthcare coverage is one of the most important employee benefits you may provide to your associates. You need a plan that is there for your associates when they need quality care. And Health Plan Administrative Services (TPA) by Contigo Health is a smart solution to help manage associates’ care and your costs.

The cost of healthcare continues to rise and employers find it harder to provide employee benefits that deliver quality care at an affordable cost. But Contigo Health has found a way to help make that happen: By empowering employers with a flexible approach to employee benefits to help improve access to quality care, achieve cost savings and improve member satisfaction.

How we do it:


Integration with existing population health management programs and even the opportunity for access to the Contigo Health Clinical Advantage™ product


Flexible options in benefit design, data integration and network coverage


Possible integration with ECENTM, an industry-leading destination center of excellence network with of some of the country’s top-rated health systems


Tailored care management programs, including case, disease and maternity management


Strong associate satisfaction, providing great service to your plan members


Reporting tools so that employers can see the performance of their health plan and identify areas for improvement

Contigo Health is here to implement your new health plan every step of the way. We help turn a complicated process into a smooth transition for you and your associates.

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